Kenna Smoot is the founder of Bitchy and Kitschy. She originally came up with the idea to start a plant based clothing line while traveling to New York City. Kenna and her husband, Nick Smoot were dining at the Spotted Pig, where waiters and waitresses donned apparel with pigs and cows parted out, labeled with which type of meat comes from the animal (rump, flank, etc). She jokingly told her husband someone should come up with a shirt with a human parted out like that with the tag line, "If people weren't meant to eat people, why are they made of meat?" Nick thought it was aggressive but funny. 

A year later, an investor contacted Kenna about her Meat Meets Vegan blog and loved her writing. He asked if her if she ever thought of monetizing it to spread the vegan message further. She told him about her idea of a vegan clothing brand and it took off from there. 

While she doesn't have apparel featuring her original design she does have some other witty clothing designs. All of her items are limited edition, when they've sold out they're gone and she's onto new designs. This lets her creativity flow and keep over saturation low. 

Kenna has a love of animals, living the plant based life, an affinity for wine and vodka and a low tolerance for bullshit.